Association's practices and forms

Association's practices

These practices have been approved in the meeting of the board on 29.11.2021.

Party person has the right to make small one-time purchases (max. 20€) within the budget. This can mean for example food supplies. The purchase will be accepted afterwards by the board for the receipt. Bigger purchases will be accepted beforehand in the meetings.

Travel compensations: Travel compensations are paid based on the public transportation costs or actual costs. Other basis of payment are negotiated case by case. Tax administration accepts yearly maximum mileage compensation and that is the maximum that can be paid. Travel compensations must be claimed within 2 months from the event.

President aims to send the invitation for the board's meetings seven days before the meeting via email.

In principle the meetings of the board are open to all members of the association and other people invited to the meeting. The right of participation to certain parts of the meeting can be limited for reason.

Secretary, president and vice-president together are responsible for the membership register.

The minutes from the board's meetings are accepted at the next meeting of the board.

By request every member of the association or the person concerned has the right to see the minutes from the board's meetings.

Secretary informs the members of the association about the most important things in the last meeting as soon as possible but preferably within a week from the meeting.

The yearly membership fee has been affirmed in the yearly meeting of the association. During the season 2021-2022 membership fee is 1€. The board decides the amount of support membership fee if needed.