Romanttinen ilta - Fri 26.11. 18:30 o'clock, Taulumäki church

Welcome to the concert!

The fall season concert of Sinfis is on the 26.11. at 18:30 at Taulumäki church. Part of the program of this concert was planned to spring 2020 but the concert then was cancelled a mere week before because of the corona situation. Now we've practiced some of the pieces again, added some now once and it's time for the concert! Please come and enjoy a romantic evening with the orchestra!

Let's take care of corona safety together! Only arrive to the concert if you have no flue symptoms. We strongly recommend the use of a face mask. The amount of the people at the concert is restricted: less than 500 concert guests.

Even though the number of people is limited, there should still be enough space and seats for everyone. However, you can reserve a programme in advance and in that way reserve a seat as well. Please contact for programme reservation. You can also pay the programme in advance if you wish, and in that case the needed information to do so will be sent to you via email. Please be in contact about the reservation or advance payment at latest on Thursday the 25.11. 16:00 o'clock.

Please state in the email:
- Your name
- Number and type of programmes you wish to purchase
- Would you like to pay the programme(s) in advance or upon arrival

You will receive a confirmation and the instructions for payment via email. The reserved programmes should be redeemed by 6.10 pm at the latest, but this does not apply to the pre-purchased programmes. Please note that we only accept cash at the concert place.